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Holy grail

Question asked by ambrose on Dec 21, 2016
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Hello Everyone,



I have been on these forums for a little while and I would just like to pose this question. If peoples' computers are working fine with an older driver, what is this search for the Holy Grail of graphics drivers? I have always used the new driver offerings from AMD when made available, and even though I have used the ReLive package I am using the 16.11.5 package now. And though there seems to be issues with the new ReLive I opted to roll back only for the reason that I just couldn't see the need to have things that I knew I wasn't going to use, And the 16.11.5 is giving me what I need at the moment.


However my reason for taking driver packages was never in regards for my search for AMD's HolyGrail of drivers, to be honest it is just a habit, and because I never had any great issues when getting any so I just went with the flow So to Speak.



So What is it that people are looking/searching for when they get these new drivers and/or OS's that they think makes their older versions obsolete? I kind of understand the logic of the upgrade to w10 for the use of DX12, but it is only a few titles that even use DX12 tech anyways, or am I wrong? And Honestly what does DX12 and Windows 10 bring to the table that people couldn't really get by using a different OS and a DX11 card. And how many FPS really makes a difference?



I think people need to take a step back and take a deep breath and put the Search for the Holy Grail on hold, just enjoy your gaming even if it means you won't be getting those few extra FPS I just think it isn't worth all the head ache.



Just a thought.........



Sincerely, Ambrose



P.S. And to all those that celebrate, enjoy your holiday Season.


And for those who like Tattoos, a little something for your viewing pleasure......