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format issues

Question asked by drragecage on Dec 21, 2016

Ok, so I started off with my flat panel acer monitor.  I decided to wander around and test some of the different options in the Radeon settings interface, when after selecting virtual super resolution my monitor went blank, then said Format not supported.  So, as a solution to this format issue I decided to plug into the hdmi port with another working monitor so that I could see enough to revert back to the previous settings.  Once I plugged in the other monitor all of a sudden I was able to see with both displays, and so just to be safe, I reset all of the settings back to default, and proceeded to shut down my system in order to remove the HDMI monitor and continue on with my flat panel Acer now reset to the factory settings.  Once the machine passed the initial startup windows screen My monitor went blank again with the same message.  After replacing the other monitor, I then proceeded to go as far as to completely uninstall and reinstall all of my AMD Drivers using Revo to be sure to remove any back end setting files or any other remaining files that might be causing it to revert to these settings. After all of this, no change.  I am now stuck with this two piece display.  Again just as before, any time I try to remove the display from the hdmi port, My screen goes blank and the message appears.


Any help would be greatly appreciated