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    16.12.1 drivers not detecting HD 7850 graphics hardware


      System Specs

      Windows 7 64bit (fully updated)

      XFX 780i MB

      ASUS HD 7850 GPU

      Intel Dual Core 8400 3.2 GHz CPU

      8 Gb of ram




      I had legacy drivers that worked perfectly and Origin made me update the drivers to play games that were previously played on the same system.  I realized that AMD had new drivers out and the reported that they were compatible with the 7000 series (see below).


      So far I have tried from the ReLive launcher as well as manually and each time the install fails to detect my hardware and the install fails.  I believe the exact message is that you have no compatible hardware, sorry I am away from that computer but would still appreciate some expert help.

      Thanks in advance guys and girls,