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    Dual graphics drivers


      I have a Hp pavilion 15 laptop. AMD A8 Radeon R5 (TM) Graphics + AMD R7 m260 switchable graphics. I have done clean uninstall of graphics drivers and now i want to reinstall the drivers. I've tried the crimson version from AMD website, but that just crashed my system. Which drivers should i install and how should i enable dual graphics? Also for the R5 graphics card im not sure the exact series, that's all it says. Can someone walk me through the order in which I download the drivers and how I should set them up?


      Sorry if info is too less

      Thanks in advance

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          Here are the basics... If you have already done this and are still having problems, please provide more info on your system such as laptop model number, processor model, OS, etc.

          Laptop graphics update...How to

          How to Configure Laptop Switchable Graphics


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              Thank you for your reply. In the time since I posted my issue, I watched videos on youtube and now i have the necessary drivers on my laptop.



              AMD Graphics card: Radeon R7 m260 2gb

              HP Pavilion 15

              Windows 8.1

              AMD Catalyst Version 15.7.1

              Processor: AMD A8-6410 APU with Radeon R5 2.00 GHz

              RAM 8GB


              So what I've done now is that I right clicked desktop screen and opened switchable graphics settings. I then went on the power section and I set the game im trying to play (fifa 17) as high performance. I also added it to the apps under high performance. I then opened fifa 17 expecting the R7 graphics to start functioning. However, fifa crashes shortly after starting. It then shows a dialog saying that my graphics card crashed. In the dialog the R5 graphics card is shown to be the one running. How can I get my laptop to switch to the R7 card. I'm quite new at all this so please be patient with me. I've attached a sc of the error dialog shown.


              Thanks in advance




              crash scrn.png