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    Inconsistent Rx 480 performance


      I have been having a problem lately and I'm not sure if it happen at the latest driver update but here it is:

      The performance of the card is very inconsistent. At stock clocks and settings I will run a game and it will do very well, high fps no weird screen glitches. But if I exit out of that game and open a new one or even the same game the fps is way lower than before. And I get frame skips. I am making sure the game is fully closed by the task manager and going through the list as well.


      The card runs at a very cool 60c at full load and there are no odd clock changes.


      Could this be the latest driver update? Has anyone experienced this. Any help is appreciated.


      Specs are:

      MSI Rx 480 4gb gaming x 55-60°c @ full load

      Cpu: q8400 @3.2ghz w/ corsair h100i 50-55°c @ full load

      Psu: EVGA 650w supernova gs