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    ReLive can't record fullscreen OpenGL games - "protected content"


      Finally got ReLive to work by disabling Hyper-V, but now I'm running into an issue with fullscreen OpenGL games.


      Alt+Z does nothing. Ctrl+Shift+R does nothing, but if I Alt+Tab immediately afterwards, I see the "recording disabled due to protected content" message.


      If I turn on Desktop Recording, start recording, then Alt+Tab over to the game, the recording goes black and silent.


      Windowed mode records fine though (using Desktop Recording), as do non-OpenGL games. It's just that it's recognizing fullscreen OpenGL games as "protected content".


      So far I've experienced this issue in DOSBox (openglnb mode), GZDoom, and Heaven Benchmark (OpenGL mode - it works fine in DX9/DX11 mode).