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    how do you install fx990 chipset drivers with no amd graphics card


      if I download the latest chipset drivers and raidexpert utility catalyst install now comes up with an error 173 saying it cant find any amd graphics card. why do you need one when you are installing chipset drivers? you never hard this issue before.

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          For win10 you don't need any chipset drivers for FX 9x0 chipset

          You may try this chipset drivers (for x64 system) Run setup and if it says that nothing to install then you can manually update drivers for AMD SM bus and SATA controller via device manager>update driver>manual update>search on this computer>and select C:\AMD folder

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              If amd releases chipset drivers for windows 10 for their motherboards, i.e. the 990fx chipset, why would amd release it if you "don't need it". If all your devices are working, does that mean you don't need drivers beyond what windows includes? My usb 3 failed to install new devices or work at proper speeds util I installed an appropriate driver. My graphics card worked, but there were newer drivers to install. When I use intel boards, it allows me to install their chipset drivers, sure I don't "need to" but I want to use the latest and greatest driver to make sure everything is working. It seems odd amd would release drivers for their products for that work with windows 10 and yet you cannot and should not use them? This would be a huge waste of time for amd to continue releasing drivers you cannot use. Windows 10 won't automatically upgrade your drivers to the versions in this driver, so thus we are left with the dilemma.


              As for the driver you linked, that is exactly what me and the Original Poster tried to install and thus it gave us this error that it cannot detect an AMD GPU. The driver stops there and punishes you for not having an AMD GPU and refuses to go further from there. Something doesn't add up that AMD would release chipset drivers for your chipset and you cannot use them. Yet you could install the SM bus and SATA controller.

              Sure I cannot wait for the next amd motherboards and cpu's. Especially having USB 3+ in the chipset would be great. Asmedia is one of the worst companies with providing drivers for it's products, especially when a new version of windows arrives. I had to wait a year before the USB3 worked properly with windows 10. I abhor them with how bad they are.

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              I also am having the same issue, previously I would just run the exe file and it would load available drivers for USB 3.0, SATA, etc... now it fails to install and gives the error message 173 saying it cant find any AMD graphics card, and fails to install... I should not have to own or purchase a AMD graphics card to install chipset drivers, nor should I have to rely on Microsoft for drivers, that AMD should be providing.... That is just sheer laziness on the part of AMD to pawn off its responsibility onto Microsoft and to the consumer!

              Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2 released on 1/122/17 is utterly useless, as well as the previous release... Manual install is a pain in the A$$ and furthermore is a piss poor attempt on a workaround!

              I highly suggest that you contact R&D and get your programmers working on a WORKING driver package  for the 9xx chipsets & windows 10...  Because I am sure that we are not the only ones experiencing these issues with a failed drivers package, especially because  it has been estimated that there are  50 million to 67 million users for windows 10<and since the original post has over 115 views<