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    RX480 : Black "glitches?"


      Hi !

      I'm back with a new Rx480, Sapphire nitro+ Radeon RX480 oc   8GB

      And I'm back with a new issue

      Last time it was pc crash and black screen, this time it's black glitches (I don't know how to call this)

      I tried different drivers, but it's the same. It's like flashing, there is a lot of this black things, it's just appear and disappear, in every game, World of warcraft, world of tanks, or overwatch. (less in overwatch but still)


      It seems like, there is no black things when I put everything on Low, but yea, I didn't buy this RX for play every game in low details

      need help please

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          Anyone has an idea please ?

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            Have you undervolted your card? This black glitches can be caused by undervolting, so increasing your voltage could solve this issue. On the other, if you don't have undervolted your card, then I would advise against increasing the voltage.


            How old is your PSU? How much watt does it provide?


            TL;DR: some kind of power problem I suppose

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                I did not undervolted my card but I will try to increse the voltage.

                My PSU is maybe 4 yo, and it provides 700W, so I think it's ok (basic setup)     + It's my second rx480, the first had a problem too (not the same), and I had no problem with a power issue, so I don't think it's the PSU

                I will increase the voltage and see.


                I did : No changes, I did it with wattman, I wanted to do it with afterburner but it's not possible (For me it was possible but I can't so)

                Here some screens of GPU-z, I don't know what all of this means, so if you see something weird :



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                    Does the amout of artifacts increase when your GPU gets hotter? How hot does it get when these artifacts appear?


                    To be honest though, glichtes related to a overheating GPU look differently.

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                      Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program

                      Then install 16.11.5 driver  Do not use 16.12.1 for now.

                      If it will not help - try to underclock GPU memory to 2000 MHz and GPU frequency to 1266MHz

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                          No no no ...

                          I don't think there is a raise of artifacts, when I start the game with 50 or maybe 60°C, I have the same amount of artifacts as after 2 hours.

                          I have no issues when I play in Low (full full low).

                          There is no problem with the temperature.


                          I tried, with DDU, the 16.11.2 driver, it's exactly the same

                          And I tried with 2000MHz/1266MHz, but yea it's the same........

                          Oh and sometimes I have a black screen for 5 seconds, I checked in the event viewer : "The amdkmdap display driver no longer responded."   (17:36--18:16--18:31--18:32--22:15--22:24 It is often enough)


                          I don't know what to do, wait and try to fix, or ask for refund.

                          It's the second RX480, the first had black screen crash, and this one black artifacts or Idk what it is. My last card was a GTX660 and I had no problems with it in 3 years... And now I pay 250€ for a card that doesn't work

                          I realy wanted to buy an AMD card, but now I'm a little less enthusiastic..


                          Thx for your help, if you have other ideas.

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                      If possible, I think it would be worth trying another PSU.  Your issues with this card and the other one seem like something a failing PSU could cause.  I believe the power draw is lower on your old GTX 660 as well, perhaps it's just enough to push it over the edge.