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RX480 : Black "glitches?"

Question asked by rhedge on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by joshballz

Hi !

I'm back with a new Rx480, Sapphire nitro+ Radeon RX480 oc   8GB

And I'm back with a new issue

Last time it was pc crash and black screen, this time it's black glitches (I don't know how to call this)

I tried different drivers, but it's the same. It's like flashing, there is a lot of this black things, it's just appear and disappear, in every game, World of warcraft, world of tanks, or overwatch. (less in overwatch but still)


It seems like, there is no black things when I put everything on Low, but yea, I didn't buy this RX for play every game in low details

need help please