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    Error 174


      I have an AMD 6500 HD integrated chip, and a AMD 7800 series card installed on my computer. I don't use the intergrated card. I install the drivers when I check my 7800 card in device manager says its updated to the lastest driver version however it breaks my integrated card, won't let me use the 7800 I have to connect my monitor to the integrated card to see anything. In device manager 6500 HD has a yellow exclamation point and when I click properties it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" it says it's still using the old drivers though. What do I do? I'd really like to disable the integrated card so the computer doesn't even look at it. So that I only ever use the 7800. I'm just afraid that if I disable the 6500 HD and I restart I still won't be able to see anything with the 7800. WHAT DO I DO.

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          What OS...etc.? APU?


          In the bios, you should be able to choose which graphics is the "Primary".....

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              I have a similar Issue.
              I bought a 8Gb AMD RX 480 gpu, i'm trying to install the driver but after the installer unpacks i get the Error 174.
              The Website where i get redirected says it's because the Graphic card is Unsupported, it's funny cause if i try to use it to install the drivers for the integrated GPU, i have an AMD A8 6600k with a Radeon 8570D integrated GPU, which should not be supported, it woks fine.


              i've been messing around the whole day, i used both the AMD Cleaned and DDU, i disabled the integrated card, but no such luck.


              It's getting pretty boring.


              I have a Windows 8.1 with


              AMD A8 6600k with a Radeon 8570D integrated GPU
              Sapphire's AMD RX 480 NITRO+ 8Gb
              24Gb RAM
              ASUS A88XM-A Motherboard
              700w PowerUnit

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                  Having the same problem with my MSI's RX480 Gaming X 8GB, although it have a "continue" button and the installations completes okay everytime I try to install Crimson Software drivers I get that error :/


                  These are my rig specs:

                  AMD A4 5300 APU with a Radeon HD 7480D integrated GPU
                  MSI's AMD RX 480 Gaming X 8Gb
                  8Gb RAM
                  FM2-A75MA-P33 MS-7721 Motherboard
                  1000w Thermaltake PowerUnit