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Weird flickering with Crimson ReLive 16.12.1

Question asked by nalilord on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by kingfish


Mainboard: ASUS ROG Rampage V Edition 10

CPU: Intel Core i7 6850K

Memory: 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200

GPU: 2-Way Crossfire XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation Black Edition (on stock clocks)

PSU: XFX 850 Pro XXX

Screen: 2x LG 24MP58VQ-P (One per HDMI the other per DVI)



When using the latest Crimson ReLive 16.12.1 drivers i have weird flickering when using full screen 3D applications / games.

I found a YouTube video that shows exactly how it looks:

On some games it only appear when staring the game or while it is loading.



The problem does not exists with the earlier driver version (Crimson Edition 16.11.5).

I tried installing the 16.12.1 driver multiple times also using DDU for a clean install, nothing changed.

Also disabled/stopped MSI Afterburner and Riva Tuner Statistic before running a game, still the same.

Tried DX11 and DX12 games, does not matter.


Maybe anyone have an idea what is causing this? Or is this a known problem with this driver version?