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    I´m having problems with my R9 Fury


      Hello, My english is not really good but i will try to write the mostly understandable as i can.


      Specs of my PC (Desktop):

      Graphics: ASUS AMD R9 FURY STRIX

      Processor: FX-8350 ( Hyper 212 Evo Fan)

      OS: Windows 10 64bit

      Actual Driver: Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.1 (Installed everything)

      Monitor: U2415, Connected on MiniDisplayPort, 1920x1200, 60hz

      Motherboard: M5A97 EVO R2.0    

      Power Supply: Enermax Revolution X'T Plus80, 730W, Nero

      RAM: 16GB (G.Skill Ripjaws-X, DDR3, CL9, 2133MHz)



      I bought my R9 Fury on the summer of 2016, im really disappointed. I tried this graphic card with Windows 7, Windows 10 .. also with few drivers (older and newers). I spent more than 500€ on it and i didn´t expect this Graphic card is working that bad. I had a 5670 HD on the past and was amazing the powerful it was from only 100~ euros, and this one (R9 Fury) it is newer and a lot expensive but.. the fps leaves much to be desired, my friend bought the shappire version of this R9 fury ... he expected to have increased power on his PC.  I played a lot of games, Farcry 4, ARK, CS:GO, League of Legends, Fallout 4, Robocraft, Savage Resurrection, Dark Souls 3, (ect, and more games), everything on 1920x1200 and High Specs, i had crashes with some games because of the video driver (the latest of the date), Blue Screen crashes,  Performance lag (not going fluid) most part of the time.

      I have to say that my PC is really clean, i have some fans on it.

      Maybe is my PC config?

      Maybe out of phase Drivers ?


      Thank you for your answers, i appreciate it.

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          That is a lot information, and nothing really specific to troubleshoot. In general, that card is very good, and you should be a lot happier with it over the 5670.


          - Blue screen crashes (BSOD) indicate a serious problem which could be anything from memory, power, or temperature of CPU/GPU. But without specifics, it's impossible to say.

          - Lagging in games could be a lot of things. First thing to do is get monitoring software to monitor the temperature of GPU/CPU while playing. Also, need to watch utilization along with clocks. Sometimes the "Power Efficiency" option does not work correctly, and it causes stuttering. Really hard to say what your PC's issue is.


          - Another thing to look for is malware like bitcoin mining malware that is running on your system without you knowing it.

          - Make sure all drivers are updated for your system.


          U.S. driver page, not sure which one you should use:

          M5A97 R2.0 | Motherboards | ASUS USA


          I just googled your motherboard, and it shows the latest bios is from July 2015 with description of "Improve system stability." Version 2603. Are you using this BIOS version?


          It looks like the audio, lan, and USB drivers were all updated in august this year.

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              Hello, thank you for your answer.

              I had dump files (blue screen files) but i deleted all of them.

              I changed the option of "balanced" to "high performance" on Energy options, maybe that improves something on the games..

              I used to scan my system with some Spyware scanner or antivirus like "Malware Bytes, SuperAntiSpyware and AVG", i dont think so but maybe i have it.

              I updated all the drivers vía that webpage few days ago (same page you sent me)

              I played Farcry 4 at Ultra, Triple Buffering and Vsync and i have got a maximum of 45.6ºC on FX-8350 and 74ºC on R9 Fury. (Open Hardware Monitor software for 4 hours), I used street test for 2 hours too (HeavyLoad).

              Yes, my Bios had the 2603 bios version.