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3 Monitors setup, couldn't get 3rd monitor up and running.

Question asked by midwoodbac on Dec 18, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by midwoodbac

I have 2 Ati Radeon R5 340X video cards. Each card has a DP port and and DVI port. I have 3 monitors and each has a DP port and a VGA port. I connect 2 monitors directly with DP port. The third monitor, I connect an adapter to the montior. The adapter has a DP port on one end and a female DVI port on the other end. I then connect a male DVI cable to the adapter and the other end of the cable, I connect to the video card which has a female DVI port. After all that is done, I couldn't detect the third monitor. I even swap monitors to see if the monitor is defective. All monitors are working fine when it is connected with DP directly.  When it is connected with DVI adapter, it's not detecting. I tried another DVI adapter as well. Looks like a configuration problem. Any sugestions? Also, the DVI cable is a single link and not a dual link cable. I checked online, it's fine as long as monitors are less than 27 inch and lower resolution. I even tried just using 1 monitor with DVI connection, not working as well. How can I detect the 3rd monitor?