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Overclock keeps resetting and then locks...

Question asked by antzmarshall88 on Dec 19, 2016

I have just recently noticed the overclock on my R9 280X is not sticking, it applies fine I can even run benchmarks/stress tests and it will stay at the settings I give it.


That is until I start Chrome up and then the core clock resets to 501MHz (500 is standard when PC boots) and the memory clock locks at 1500MHz.. the core clock will go up and down but only to the standard base clock of 1020MHz maximum regardless of whether I try apply the overclock settings again.


I have tried testing with Chrome I have disabled all extensions/plugins, restarted PC then tried again but still the same.


I recorded the problem right after a reboot and ran a benchmark so you can see the overclock applies then soon as Chrome loads it reverts back again and then wont change until I restart again.


Overclock Fail - YouTube