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Cannot Change GPU Clock or Fan Speed

Question asked by chris856734 on Dec 18, 2016

I have problems with my Fans on my Graphics Card, that is always stays near dead at 100rpm and only occasionally starts up when it reaches 65-70°C while for example watching Videos. Or reaches 85°C+ when gaming (I avoided that since). The Fan react to any changes made with programs ONLY when it is already running and dies down when it reaches low temps. See here.

And i have recently found that this seams true for setting the "GPU Clock" or "Memory Clock". As i tried to under-clock to prevent overheating in a different way.


I assume that a Program is overriding settings? I Have Reinstalled Drivers twice and tried many programs like MSI Afterburner, AMD Easytune, AMD Oversomething, Sapphire Trixx, Speedfan and neither of them can do anything.


What can i do to actually Control my Fans? What programs could be a problem?


I am using a "2GB Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Dual-X Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16" on Win10 64bit. Anything else you need to know?