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Computer freezes on drivers 15.11+

Question asked by ruxis on Dec 18, 2016

Why is when i'm running games on driver 16.12.1 It often freezes game and whole PC and is needed to restart, sometimes it don't and i can enjoy my game but more often than not it dose.

Currently i'm running 15.11 and it is ok but anything top that is giving me this issue.

How it happened-I run a game (GW2, theHunter) some other as well but these affected me because they were the ones I'm playing, Screen freezes (sound playing), computer not responding, i pres crlt+Alt+del screen goes black and sound bugs. I restart PC and go in game, same thing.

Over and over again. Any solutions or i'm gonna have to use 15.11 for rest of time?


Also Is The HD 7970 Still Worth Buying? | The 5 Year Old Flagship - YouTube  shows a 7970 pulling 40 fps in this scenario. My 7990 seams to be doing good 15-20 fps on medium in this scenario.

Is there any logical explenation? (cooler is clear, and well maintained alo thermal paste is good)