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Driver crashes, visual glitches with AMD driver

Question asked by pioruns on Dec 18, 2016

Windows 7 64bit with all updates
Radeon Software Version 16.12.1
Crimson ReLive


Monitor 1 via HDMI - iiyama PL2271HD
Monitor 2 via DVI-D - Lenovo LT1953wA
both connected to Sapphire Radeon HD 7970
CPU: AMD A10-5700
Mobo: ASRock FM2A75 Pro4
Memory: 16GB RAM


Sometimes, when I launch HW accelerated application, display messes up (with flickering lines, colorfull mess) completely on monitor 1. When I close the app, display return back to normal. Sometimes app window is on Monitor 1, I cannot click it so I have to reboot whole machine.


How to reproduce:
Open VLC player from shortcut. Display on monitor 1 shows only flickering lines and mess
Close VLC. Everything goes back to normal
Open VLC once again. Display messes up
Close VLC. AMD Display driver crashes
Display driver crashes 3 more times, desktop is inresponsible during re-loading the driver
Finally desktop unfreezes and I have 4 messages about crashing display driver.
Also, "Radeon Settings" app is not loading, just hungs when I tried to run it. I have to force-close it, and then start it again.


Additional Notes:


Same is happening with Firefox 50 64bit, only when hardware acceleration is enabled in Firefox. Sometimes, especially when I load video in Youtube, display on monitor 1 just messes up and stay like that until I close Firefox. Sometimes Fx window is on monitor 1, I can't click it, so I have to reboot whole machine.

This is happening regardless if I overclock or not.

Alsoo, all games I play are fine, right now it's for example TES V Skyrim SE, my PC is completely stable when I play it. It's just these software glitches related to VLC, Firefox and maybe other apps.

I have this issue I have for few months now, with previous driver versions as well. I've been avoiding it by disabling hardware acceleration in VLC and Firefox.