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Display freezing on startup, during typical use

Question asked by datbuoy on Dec 18, 2016

So I've just recently started having problems with my GPU freezing randomly during use, and having trouble working upon initial startup.


My details:

Powercolor R9 380 4GB (AXR9 380 4GBD5-PPDHE)

Gigabyte Z97-HD3

Intel i5-4690k

Most Recent Crimson Relive Driver (16.12.1)


I've been using this computer for a year, and have had occasional crashes/freezing, but nothing of this magnitude and frequency. The screen freezes and pixelates, and I have to reboot my computer. However, sometimes after freezing, the screen will turn black and then return with an error message saying "Radeon Wattman crashed and was reset." When this happens, I can use my computer again (like right now), but this is only after multiple attempts to get it back on again. Picture attached of what it looks like when it freezes and becomes unusable


AMD pls halp.