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    Driver crashes on 16.12.1


      My system specs are as follows: i5-2400/RX480 8GB/Windows 10 x64. The new drivers sometimes crash with symptoms similar to an unstable overclock (the screen freezes, goes black, then the monitor says "no signal" and I have to restart) even when there isn't actually an overclock. The usual troubleshooting measures like clean installing the driver don't work. The 16.11.5 drivers work fine even with an overclock and undervolt. Also, the problem seems to manifest itself more often after the latest Windows 10 update.

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          You may send report here I don't see another workaround than uninstall 16.12.1 and use 16.11.5

          16.12.1 is unstable for many configurations and has lots of problems . Just wait for more stable and mature version of 16.12.x or 17.01.x(if only it will be more stable)

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              I have similar issues with 16.12.1.  Far Cry 2 now crashes back to the desktop after less than a minute of gameplay.  The problem did NOT exist with 16.11.5.


              Have reported this to AMD via the link from redfury and will revert back to 16.11.5.


              I also found that ASUS GPU Tweak II bacame very sluggish with 16.12.1.