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    New HP with Amd card. problem.


      Hey there! I bought a new laptop - HP Notebook 16-ay021nu with primary video card - vga graphics and secondary card - AMD RADEON R5 M430.  Im with windows 7., after instalation I downloaded hp drivers and AMD ( for video card ) , but amd auto detect tool is not workling properly. Cant launch and windows start looking to decide the problem. Valuation performance is 1. ( for gaming graphics and desktop )драйвер.jpgпроизводителност.jpg

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          Laptops with Win7 need to be fully updated before trying to install any AMD driver. Goto Windows Update and check. If it doesn't say "There are no updates for your computer"...keep updating.

          Please read how to update laptop graphics >  Laptop graphics update...How to  You didn't furnish what processor (I suspect a APU)

          You uninstalled your chipset drivers, it appears. Reinstall them here > This happens when you use the AMD driver cleanup tool.

          AMD Chipset, AHCI, USB 3.0 and RAID Drivers