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Request: Increase our range where to set fps on chill.

Question asked by dygaza on Dec 18, 2016

First of all I like how chill works.


But I have a problem.


In overwatch I have set my chill on range 60-300.


So when I'm idle I get 60 fps, and it's suppoosed to ramp up from that.


Problem is that I want it to be 60 when I'm idle, but give everything there is when I move.


Unfortunately now if I move mouse or give imput I only get fps to around 100-110, instead of getting 150 that my system is capable (it gives that if I move mouse a bit faster).


So if I do sniping for example, I would like to have max fps, but instead now chill gives me lower fps.


I would like to be able to set range 60-999 fps , or simply more aggressive behaviour, where it gives max fps even from a single input.