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Do AMD OpenGL Drivers Include Multiple Monitor FreeSync Support?

Question asked by aps2016 on Dec 18, 2016
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This is a question regarding AMD OpenGL driver support as I would like to confirm that AMD OpenGL drivers do what I expect them to do before I go and buy AMD hardware to complete a task I am trying to solve.


There are several products that AMD currently offer in theire FirePro series (e.g. FirePro W600) (link: that have multiple displayport connectors that support FreeSync.


I have several questions are regarding these products and the Windows 7 (64-bit, or Windows 8, or later OS) OpenGL driver behaviour as follows:


1) Does the OpenGL driver for these adapters support full multi-threaded operation? For example, given a W600 with 6 ports, each monitor connected to each of those six ports could be running at a different frequency. Does AMD's OpenGL implementation support six threads with each thread being independently synchronised to their specific displayport through a call to wglSwapBuffers()?


2) If I pass a device context obtained from CreateDC(), that was created using the display adapter driver name obtained via EnumDisplaySettingsEx(), to wglCreateContext() for each adapter in my PC (assume I have four of them), and I then execute a thread per OpenGL render context (i.e., one OpenGL render context per physical adapter), does AMD's OpenGL implementation actually create four physical instances of the OpenGL driver (one per adapter) and try execute all the buffer downloads, shader downloads, etc. in parallel to all cards simultaneously?


3) If the current drivers do not operate in the way described in (1) or (2) above, could you please give an explanation as to any comparitive functionality that will achieve what I am looking for?


Many thanks in advance,