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    RX 470 crashing during playing games


      Hello, I have an issue with my RX 470. To be exact, ASUS RX 470 4GB OC model. During gameplay, my GPU crashes, screen says 'No Signal', some games freeze, some still run in background. Windows is definitely not freezing, because I can still hear other programs, such as TeamSpeak, working fine. After rebooting (using reset switch on motherboard), I get POST warning which claims that RX 470 is faulty. I have to turn my PC off, and then turn it on, in order to make it go through POST. I have custom AMD WattMan settings applied:

      Max temperature: 65C
      Target temperature: 60C
      Minimal fan speed: 1478 rpm
      Target fan speed: 1734 rpm

      Power limit: 0%

      If I use stock settings, my GPU core clock is dropping from 1250 MHz to 300MHz during gameplay, which causes framerate drops (it looks like 60C cap). Games that I've tested:

      Battlefield 3 (no signal)

      Alan Wake (no signal)

      DOOM (no signal, Vulkan)

      Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (game freezes, no signal)

      It's definitely not an overheating issue (it happens even at 60C).My computer specification:
      CPU: Intel Core i5-4460

      GPU: ASUS RX 470 Strix 4GB OC

      Motherboard: ASUS Gryphon Z87

      OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

      Drivers: 16.12.1 Crimson ReLive (also had issues on 16.11.5)

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          Hi, I just received the RX 470 as well and am having similar problems as avinide. I plan on calling customer service to try to get an explanation but it looks like I might be returning it. Any information would be appreciated.

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              So I am able to do this 'crash' at any moment by.. unplugging power cable from my GPU. All of these issues might be caused by high power usage, which results in voltage drops. I have be quitet! Pure Power L8-CM-630W PSU, which I think is good. I'll do voltage measuring later on and report if my crashing problem is caused by faulty PSU.

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                I have 12.25 V at idle, and 12.08 V at load, so it seems like my PSU is fine. Going to RMA my GPU in a few days and report later on

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                    I'm getting no signal about 5 mins into games as well.  My symptons are very close to yours.  My speca are below:


                    • GPU: XFX RX470 RS 4GB
                    • Driver: Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2
                    • Mobo: GB Z170X-Gaming 3 (Ver.1.0) UEFI F7
                    • CPU: I5 6600K (STD clocks)
                    • RAM: Corsair DDR4 2400 2X8GB (16GB in dual channel mode)
                    • OS: Windows 10 x64
                    • Output: DVI-D
                    • 500w power supply


                    I've tried just about everything.  Let me know if you fix yours.

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                      Did you go to RMA? Any notices? I am experiencing similar issues.

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                        I sent my 470 under warranty (I hope it's correct in English, translator doesn't help me, I think it might just be RMA) on 20th January. Currently my GPU is shipped to AMD service, and I don't know when I'll get more information. There is a solution however, I've lowered my core clocks from 1250 MHz to 1000 MHz, and I had no crashes at all. Default clock for RX 470 is 926 MHz, so you can try that if 1000 MHz doesn't help. Currently I don't have any replacement for my GPU, so I have to use one from my CPU (and to deal with PS2-like graphics in order to achieve playable framerates)

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                      Status update: on 10th of February my 470 came back from RMA.. and service claims that this issue didn't occur during their tests, and that GPU works as it should. I've tested it right after I got it, and.. It was running much worse than before (entire computer was hanging up right after launching any game). However, I've decided to clean up my system from some unused programs. After removing MSI Afterburner, ASUS GPU Tweak and their Aura software for LED control everything went back to normal.. almost. My GPU still crashes at 1250 MHz (which is a factory OC btw), but at least I can play a bit. I might have faulty motherboard/PCI-E slot, will test my GPU in a different machine later on.

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                        Up. Does anyone have some advice?