RX 470 crashing during playing games

Discussion created by avinide on Dec 18, 2016
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Hello, I have an issue with my RX 470. To be exact, ASUS RX 470 4GB OC model. During gameplay, my GPU crashes, screen says 'No Signal', some games freeze, some still run in background. Windows is definitely not freezing, because I can still hear other programs, such as TeamSpeak, working fine. After rebooting (using reset switch on motherboard), I get POST warning which claims that RX 470 is faulty. I have to turn my PC off, and then turn it on, in order to make it go through POST. I have custom AMD WattMan settings applied:

Max temperature: 65C
Target temperature: 60C
Minimal fan speed: 1478 rpm
Target fan speed: 1734 rpm

Power limit: 0%

If I use stock settings, my GPU core clock is dropping from 1250 MHz to 300MHz during gameplay, which causes framerate drops (it looks like 60C cap). Games that I've tested:

Battlefield 3 (no signal)

Alan Wake (no signal)

DOOM (no signal, Vulkan)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (game freezes, no signal)

It's definitely not an overheating issue (it happens even at 60C).My computer specification:
CPU: Intel Core i5-4460

GPU: ASUS RX 470 Strix 4GB OC

Motherboard: ASUS Gryphon Z87

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

Drivers: 16.12.1 Crimson ReLive (also had issues on 16.11.5)