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    16.12.1 screwing my wireless adapter (TP-Link Archer T4U)


      I was on the 16.9 (don't know the decimal and number after the "9") Driver update up until yesterday (Windows 7 64-bit), so I installed the 16.12.1 Driver update. Now my TP-Link Archer T4U is not working. It doesn't even power up when I plug it into the same slot of my computer. In addition, my computer has the Caution Triangle on my "SM Bus Controller", "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller", "Unknown Device", and my "802.11n NIC". My friends that know way more about computers said for me to just delete 16.12.1 and revert to 16.9, but I don't know how to uninstall Drivers. My brother (who knows a lot about computers) and I even updated my Archer T4U with drivers that TP-Link provided, but that didn't solve anything.


      Another thing that might help is that when I installed the 16.12 and rebooted my computer, my 5Ghz WiFi connection (optimal connection for my Archer T4U) said that I couldn't connect because of my security settings (or just settings in general). Instead of having WiFi bars, it had a huge red "X". Hopefully you guys know the solution.