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    How to run freesync on amdgpu-pro 16.50?



      I'm on Linux Mint  18.1 with amdgpu-pro-16.50-362463 successfully installed. (The new one with Freesync Support)

      My question is: How do I go about using freesync?

      I got this command from Phoronix: xrandr --output DisplayPort-0 --set "freesync" 1

      I don't get any messages after entering this command in the terminal.

      But when I play a game such as the Witcher 2 my Acer XG270HU monitor reports in the OSD a constant 144hz, which means it's not working.

      I have a Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X OC and the aforementioned Acer monitor.

      I'm on the 4.4.0-53-generic kernel which seems to work fine otherwise.

      Any help would be much appreciated!

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          OK I figured this out. You need to go in game, then alt-tab out to a terminal and enter the aforementioned xrandr command and alt-tab back into the game. It does not run with all games (The Witcher 2 and Diablo 3 did not respond) and sometimes it causes flickering, but it works (For instance in Bioshock Infinite).

               I hope AMD will update the amdgpu-pro driver at a fast pace to iron the kinks out, but now at least I'm hopeful that someday we will get feature parity with the windows counterpart or close to it. Good Job AMD!