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    R9 380 4GB issues with GTA V





      Has anyone here with this particular GPU had issues with GTA V latest update or/and AMD update of 16.12.1?


      I have been experiencing stuttering, freezes, d3d crashes and odd ingame loading whilst playing the game while moving fast through the city or wherever. I believe that ever since the update with my GPU I have had this problem. The only good thing about this AMD update is that it has fixed my constant crashing with GTA V. For my to avoid this I would have to slow down till everything loaded up, not really playable if I have to stop and wait.


      Before this update I could run the game fine on graphics settings of High with no problems. I got vsync off and my temps are stable.


      I'm clueless to what's causing it, and so far my only objective is to play around with fixing d3d error.







      Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz


      Video Card AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series


      RAM 16 GB


      Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit


      EVGA 600 B PSU

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          I have the same GPU, but my game crashes with a windows error or rarely with a wattman error (there crashes the AMD radeon settings, so the game too)

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            Stuttering/freezing is related to installing the relive recording program. Use DDU to remove the driver and get the latest 16.12.2 and skip installing relive at the end.
            Check with all games, stuttering should be fixed.


            Now moving to the wattman crash, that is AMD's Achilles heel since they have introduced Polaris. i think its almost fixed for polaris but 300 and 200 series do have these wattmann crashes. Solution is to use the driver previous to crimson relive.

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              Well I don't even use the Relive program. Would having it still cause problems? I'll uninstall drivers and try. Hopefully there's a difference.


              Thanks for reply.

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                I did what you said but still the same. The game mostly stutters and freezes whilst in the city. Gotten very annoying to a point I have to slow down and wait for the buildings to load, even feels like it gotten worst...idk.  It's clearly a amd issue, and I hope it gets fixed soon.

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                  I face the same problem now. I have written on rockstar support and here is their answer:


                  ERR_GFX_D3D_INIT error sometimes occurs because of graphics card overclocking. We would suggest you to underclock the graphic card and check if that fixes the issue.

                  You can underclock your video card by using an overclocking program. They are usually used to increase clock rates but they can also be used to decrease them. A video card has two clocks which you can underclock: the GPU clock, and the video RAM clock. You should reduce each of the clock rates individually to see if underclocking solves your problem. If that doesn't work then try reducing both of them at the same time. When you're reducing the clock rate, reduce it in small increments rather than all at once. Some components can become unstable when underclocked by too much. Just reduce the clock rate by a small amount like 10% and then test the card. If that doesn't solve the problem then continue to reduce it in small steps. GPUs can usually be underclocked as much as you want but there's not much point in going beyond cutting the clock rate in half. Video RAM often has problems when underclocked by too much. Take it down to half its original clock rate if possible. If you start getting screen artifacts when underclocking the memory, then just stop at the lowest clock rate where there are no artifacts.


                  I havn´t tested it enough yet. Still haven´t play with clock speed.

                  I´m getting a lot of crashes in GTA online now.

                  It seem like going to safe mode and have all graphics effects turned down, makes the game stabile.

                  But that is not what we expected from R9, right?


                  If someone cant test it, let me know if it work for you...