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Radeon R9 380X - Games crashes (getting black screens suddenly)  - Blue screens.

Question asked by netforce on Dec 16, 2016



Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Radeon software crimson-edition 16.2.1 (Crimson Relive)

Acer R240HY Screen 60 HZ.

ASROCK Fatal1ty 970 motherboard.

AMD FX-8350 CPU (Not overclocked)

EVGA Supernova 750Watt G2.




So here's my issue. I wanted to update to the new version (16.2.1), first of all. That went like a real struggle, it wouldn't update and that kinda stuff like it was a real pain. Suddenly my whole GPU just didn't work anymore, so I had to remove all the drivers from the GPU and redownload them. It finally worked, but after that. I wanted to try to game, then the struggles came. On Watch Dogs 2 it just instantly crashes, on GTA it runs for a while and then crashes as well. Both just give a fully black screen and it just doens't do anything. I were able to run these games easily before the update.


And before I made this thread, my PC got a blue screen with the error message: System_thread_execption_not_handled (dxgmms2.sys)

I know that error is related to the GPU. And I think to DirectX 12, but I have no idea how to fix that.


So like, I really want my performance back, because I can't game on it now.