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Wolfenstein: The New Order and Overwatch both crashing

Question asked by robbiereed925 on Dec 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by thor67

System specs:

CPU: i7 4770k

GPU: xfx rx 480 8gb

Memory: 8gb ram

MOBO: Asus maximus impact

PSU: corsair 750w

Storage: WD Black 3tb, 256 gb SSD

Monitor: ASUS MG278 (1440p 144hz) using displayport (freesync on)

2nd Monitor: qnix evolution II using dual link DVI

Latest drivers (16.12.1)



I'm having an issue where games are crashing. For Wolfenstein, the game just crashes to desktop mid-game. No freeze or error. Usually happens in a fight or when lots of things are going on.


For Overwatch, the screen turns gray/blue and I can't do anything except restart the computer manually. When borderless windowed, the home screen also flickers, so I switched to fullscreen.


I recently updated to Windows 10 64 bit education edition from Windows 8.1 and upgraded from a gtx 770 4gb to the rx480 8gb. I never experienced this on Windows 8.1 with the 770.


What I've tried:


-I looked up a fix where you increase the paging file in Windows (Computer>System properties>Advanced System Settings>Advanced>Performance>Advanced>Virtual Memory>increase custom size). That mildly helped, but it's still crashing pretty often.

-Completely remove drivers using DDU and reinstall.

-Change game quality

-Back up to Windows 8.1

-Try on each monitor and unplug the other (happens on both)

-Run benchmarks with Heaven Benchmark and Furmark (there were no issues with GPU at 100% usage)


Any ideas? Defective card?