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I can't "Relive" anything with this software !!!

Question asked by 918notafan on Dec 16, 2016

After my 1st dl of Relive it worked beautifully and recorded gameplay just fine. After one day's use with no major system changes Relive isn't working. I am on my 3rd clean install of it. Literally nothing in it works except for the actual menu section . I have used default settings, custom settings and went minimal on everything including my monitor settings. The Relive yellow icon in the upper left flickers in and out and then fades out, zero functions actually activate upon using the dedicated function keys. Tool bar will not even appear any more, when it actually did record the videos were frozen with sound.  When I enable the desktop that is when the real problems begin. Yesterday evening my entire computer froze up 2 times forcing a restart after enabling desktop mode. I was running Steam and a windows photo album int he background that is it, there wasn't even a game on. 


AMD Phenom ii x6 1090T 

XFX R9 390

View Sonic 75 hz

MSI 970 Gaming

Running drivers on 150 gb ssd but have also ran it on 250gb hdd with same results.

750w corsair psu

16gb pny @ 1333