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      Hi! I got a problem. In every game I play since I bought a new configuration, after a few minutes, the game crashes and it shows up a message that says: "The desktop driver has stoppet working and has succefully recovered". Do you now any solution that I can use to fix the problem? Or should I send it to the warranty service? The temperatures are ok, I didn't change the voltage or the clock, I use a Sirtec- High power element( 650W, 85+ bronze) as power supply . As CPU I use a AMD Athlon X4 750K. And the most imprtand thing, the graphics gard is an Asus Radeon R7 260X DCU II, OC 2GB. Even the AMD Software crashes when I try to acces it. I already tried to reinstall the windows and I even tried it on 3 different hard disks. The driver is up to date, no matter what driver version I use, it shows the same thing. So I'll look forward for your solutions, it will really help me.