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    Error 175


      When i try to install version 16.12.1 of AMD Radeon™ R9 300 (because my computer says there's an update) it writes "Error 175 – AMD Installer Cannot Continue Due to Unsupported AMD Graphics Hardware" but when i click the link for info, i see that my graphic card isn't in that list, so that problem shouldn't even exist. The list is here


      another thing is that when i try to install, i see that beside the error it writes "partly installed", why is that?

      AMD Graphics Card: Radeon AMD R9 300

      Desktop: windows 7 64bit

      Driver version installed: I don't know? it says in the installation program that 16.50.2001 is partly installed, does that help? (idk pls have mercy)

      Display Devices: (not so sure what this means, but i tried to understand) HP 22cw .1 1920x1080 @60Hz

      Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology model H110M-S2H-CF

      CPU/APU: 3.40 GHz

      Power Supply Unit: i dont know and im too scared to actually interact with that stuff, sorry.

      RAM: 8GB

      I'm sorry if i wasn't clear on some stuff, but i can elaborate if you explain to me how.

      also, i found out that in my "display" category (if i open dxdiag) then my radeon graphic card isn't there, when there should be info about it, and stuff like that usually happens when i need to install the driver (but just like i said above, i cant install it and the same error happens)


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          Without any information, one would have to guess what the issue could be.



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              Thanks i didn't know ^^, edited the post.

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                As the error indicates, there is another graphics device which is not supported by the 16.12.1 driver package.


                This device is most probably integrated on the motherboard, so without knowing the motherboard model, we cannot say.

                You will need to disable the second video device, either in the Device Manager or the System BIOS before you can install this driver.

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                    How exactly do i disable the device? i mean, how do i even know what's his name?  and which category it's supposed to be in Device Manager?

                    Also in Display Adapters it says that is have Intel HD graphic 530, does that has to do with why i can't install the driver?

                    Sorry if I'm clueless

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                        In the bios...there is a choice to either disable the integrated graphics (Intel) or to choose which graphics solution is to be the "primary"...AMD.

                        Also, what message do you get when you go to and run Windows Update? Does it say there are 'NO updates' available ? Let us know......

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                            Sorry, but where do i disable the integrated graphics? I don't understand this bios thing that much, it'd be really nice if you gave me direction as to what to do?

                            And after i saw this comment i went to Windows Update and there was a few updates available, so i updated and there is none now, so thanks:)


                            EDIT: I went to Display Adapters and disabled the intel graphic card and restarted the pc. After it turned back on the AMD R9 300 graphic card was working, so i tried to install the update again (which this time it didn't show error 175 and it let me install but at the end it wrote "partly installed" (which i guess is not a good thing?). How do i make it FULLY install?

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                      Monitor connected to graphics card ?

                      hwinfo.com/download.php ,will show more info on system components.