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    Composite Sync in 'AMD Radeon Additional Settings' not showing





      For some odd reason when i click on 'AMD Radeon settings' > Preference > AMD Radeon Additional Settings i no longer get the tab where i can check the 'composite sync' box. I need this because i use 3 screens one of which is not a very new one, and displays the screen offsetted to the left. Attempting to fix it via the built in screen menu donts help, only the composite sync check box did the job. Any assistance as to why the additional settings window no longer shows the options i require would be greatly appreciated here as i tried everything from reinstalling the driver to unplugging/replugging screen from pc and power, nothing helped.


      Thanks alot in advance.



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          There are several similar posts. Please report it to AMD AMD Issue Reporting Form

          Either roll back to the previous driver or live without the additional settings tab until AMD issues a fix (which shouldn't be long)

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              ok fish thanks for the attempt but really i dont think anyone is willing to live with a monitor that is 20% offset-ted to the left indefinitely, so for those who face this same issue here is the solution i found.

              You have to download the AMD catalyst software as well as the Crimson. Any one using AMD for a while would have noticed that the more recent GPU's now use Crimson as a replacement for Catalyst, however, like me, if you still have atleast one monitor/screen that is not too recent, you might still need some of the features on the Catalyst control.

              So, the solution was to download and install the latest Crimson and then download and install Catalyst. Open the Catalyst separately rather then through Crimson's "AMD Radeon Additional Settings" and there will be all the options including the My VGA Displays > Image Adjustments > Composite Sync


              Merry Christmas.


              Rene G