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input source stuck on screen (TV)

Question asked by redvex on Dec 15, 2016
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I use my just bought a Sony KDL-43WD758 to use as monitor for my PC through an HDMI connection.


Unfortunately I am having this issue that is quickly becoming frustrating with an overlay text from the TV that covers the top portion of the screen with the input source info. This text is supposed to disappear after a while, but for some reason (I suspect faulty HDMI communication from my GFX card) it stays on.


Please see screen below:

[see here]


Sometimes the text disappears for a brief moment, only to reapper shortly thereafter. Using the remote 'i+' key or fiddling with the settings won't help for long either.


I determined that the issue is a software one by plugging in other devices such as a friend's laptop which does not cause the text to appear.


I also noticed that this only happens at the native resolution of 1920x1080 and goes away as soon as I change it or change this HDMI adjustment setting in my RADEON config panel:

[see here]


Any setting different from 0% fixes it, too bad the image is no longer fully occupying the screen and the scaling causes a rather annoying loss of definition.


Also, fullscreen video (such as from netflix or videogames) seems to fix it - although not on youtube. I am utterly clueless.


I have updated every possible driver on my PC and am really out of ideas: I hope someone here has some insight for me.