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Pin missing, but still work...

Question asked by janagewen on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by yezok1

missing pin.png


Hello friends everywhere,


Recently, I obtained a processor, Sempron X2 190 AM3, in order to make performance comparison with  A4-3300, for they both almost possess the exactly same processor core (not concern for the memory controller and so forth). After benchmarks with AIDA64 and CPU-Z, A4-3300 gains a little improvements for its integrated internal connections. But the problem is that the processor I obtained lack one pin, A3 (VSS), shown on the above picture. It could still work, but I have no ideas, what does that pin use for. Lack of it, would this processor lack some functions too? Any reply is appreciated, many thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Aaron Janagewen