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    UBI 30 Special Weekend


      All  7(seven) games are available free until 18th Dec.

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          Yep, just grabbed them. All you need to do is login to uplay and go to the Ubi30 tab, click through to claim the games.

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            Finally a reason to use my Watch_Dogs 2 code.

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              I know this may sound a bit outrageous, but I won't even accept free games from Ubisoft anymore. I refuse to support their products or their service. Uplay and Ubisoft's customer support is the most unprofessional in the industry through my experience over the years. Like I said, this is just my personal opinion, but I'll explain why I feel this way. It's actually kind of funny, even though it's frustrated me over the years.


              For over three years, I have an Ubisoft account that I haven't been able to access, ever since they decided to change their policy on passwords exceeding a certain amount of characters being invalid. Now, of course there's nothing wrong with that pending you inform the customer, giving them time to change theirs so they can continue to use their account. Instead, not only did they not email me about this change, but their system to change passwords is totally ineffective.


              If you're locked out of your account, when you try to change your password via the sign in page, it never sends you the email or will send you in a loop, reverting the data you input back to a clear state only increasing frustrations. Now I can call their customer support hotline, but considering I rarely have any time during their operating hours, I've never had the opportunity to. So, I've contacted them through email multiple times explaining to them that calling simply isn't feasible for me and that I need to have the password reset through an email link, which they do....I'll click on the link and I'm once again back to square one, where the link they provide just loops the sign in process once more.


              So although Ubisoft makes some great games, I simply don't wish to support a company that can't even get something so simple as this done correctly. So, although many are fearing a Vivendi take over of Ubisoft, it honestly might not be a bad thing, because Ubisoft aren't doing a good job with certain aspects of their business.


              Now if they were providing this same offer, but without the need for Uplay, I'd jump on it. Yet as it stands, I have well over 30+ Ubisoft games sitting in my Steam account that have never been played to this day, albeit mostly due to my own personal issues of not wishing to create a new Uplay account to tie them to, because I hate having different handles.

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                  I understand. Everyone has their hated publishers/devs. I think top of my list at this point is Sega/CA. I am kind of done with Total War, and their DLC model. 2K games kind of ticks me off too. Ubisoft is a worthy one to hate as far as I am concerned. All these big publishers have it down to a formula, and PC gamers are an afterthought for the most part to them. Then there's EA, who buys good dev shops and destroys them.


                  Ironically, I held out from buying Half Life 2 because I thought the whole steam idea of digital games was stupid with having to run another program to get *my* games. But at this point, I have Origin, UPlay, and Steam accounts with a lot of games, not to forget gog as well. My current computer doesn't even have a DVD drive on it. So I have totally slipped to the dark side lol at this point.

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                  UBISOFT UBI30 » HARDCORE GAMES™


                  Had this on my web site the morning it was available, list of games is offered, and one is reviewed already