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Diablo III + ReLive = black screen

Question asked by derfunkenstein on Dec 15, 2016

Recently upgraded a PC for a friend. Here's the config:


Haswell Core i5-4590 (4C/4T)

Gigabyte Z97X-SLI

16GB DDR3-1600 (Crucial Ballistix)

Asus Strix 4GB RX 470

Sandisk 240GB SSD, WD 2TB Black HDD

SeaSonic 620W S12II PSU

Windows 10 1607

ReLive driver


The display is a 2560x1440 IPS panel connected via DL-DVI.


The system works great for just about everything. Can game for hours in lots of games and it runs them flawlessly. The old graphics card was an Asus R9 270. Got the new card and installed it for him and life was great. Then the ReLive driver came out.  Just installing it got to a half-way installed point and the screen would turn funky colors. We couldn't get the PC to revert to the last install point, we couldn't use AMD's cleaner utility, and we couldn't for whatever reason reset the PC through the Windows utility. I wound up ensuring there was a current backup and wiping the system entirely. Fine, whatever. Driver installs go bad from time to time.


First thing after install was the ReLive driver. This time it installed fine. Got the PC set back up and he went his merry way playing GTA5 and Witcher and whatever and it was great. About 10 minutes into a Diablo III session and the screen would go black and the PC would lock. No way out of it. This is repeatable. Inside of 10 minutes in D3 the system will crap its pants. Any other game is fine.


I uninstalled ReLive and downloaded 16.11.5. Now everything is happy. Radeon settings nagged about the update so we updated to ReLive again and the system started crashing again. Re-reverted to 16.11.5 and told Radeon Settings to not keep the system updated. It's fine for now.


Question: Anybody else with a Polaris card playing Diablo? Are you having these issues?