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Blank screen on boot after the installation of AMD drivers

Question asked by zorgolong on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by kingfish

After a clean install of windows 7 on the following laptop "HP Pavilion dv6-6004ev" I tried to install the drivers that HP provides for my laptop. However, most of the times, and especially on drivers regarding "video," I would get an error saying that my computer did not meet the minimum requirements for the installation. I tried installing the driver updates from AMD catalyst control but after the Windows 7 logo all I get is a blank screen. Booting in safe mode and hovering over to Device Manager will only show that the drivers are correctly installed.


The last thing that I've attempted so far during safe mode was to "disable" the drivers of AMD which, surprisingly, caused the resolution to change to - probably - 1336x768 and after the logo show the "welcome" message, but then get a black line across the screen over the "welcome" message. Windows Repair uninstalled every driver I have had installed so far except for the network drivers. I've never installed drivers before and I'm clueless.