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    Broken driver


      Hi all! I have HP pavillion 15-ab128no, i just buy it, make fresh windows 10 instal and used for a while. It has APU a10-8780p with on-chip r7 gpu and additional R7 m360 well i think it has...

      So the first problem i get with previous version of crimson drivers that i instal, is when im playing LoL in fullscreen and alt+tab for cat-pics sometimes its crashed, well not a big problem, i change to borderless windows mode and lost 20 fps. Also im modelling with maya 2017 and in really simple scene i have viewport lagging, not updating changes and etc. Everything is new remember? I was hoping that next driver release will change something, but after update ReLive version its go´s mad, i do full clean install with DDU last version from safe mode and install it again, still lot of bugs, i make AMDulitlityclean in safe mode, make minimal instal and its even not show GPUs in device manager. So i redownload and reinstall 5 or 6 time for last days and its always same with different bugs, here what i can remember from last update

      -At least on 1 update there was black screen for 30 sec when go from fullscreen mode in youtube, gone after one of update

      -After every boot windows keep saying that configuration of my pc is changed and restart need to be done. Appear in differents update

      -Photoshop CC freeze when opening any pic

      -Screen go`s black ad windows bip like device was unconnected and connected again, its happening all the time even when i type this. Sometimes its turning back sometimes only hard restart can help.

      -My gpu change in device manager from R7 m360 to R8 m365dx that's happening right now after my screen was black.

      -Substance Painter freeze on start up and show me in logs that ¨there are error in GPU driver´ its gone after my last update for now...

      -After first update to ReLive revision lags in viewport 2.0 in Maya was gone, but its back

      -Thief 4 with last patch make my gamma too bright with mantle turned off, same with vulcan API in dota 2 (funny that fps drop for 10 with vulcan turned on)

      -CCC isnt showing in tray anymore on some update its possible to enter in it with right click on desktop, but sometimes even there i don't have a button

      -Windows tells me that ¨driver need to have signature¨ so i restart in safe mode and turn off signature check then do clean instal but it doesn't help.

      -I have 1 bsod with audio lag and error loop in GPU driver while watching youtube.

      -My laptop restart if i try to turn on VirtualSuperResolution feature


      So i was trying to make clean instal with amdcleaning utility and DDU, instal minimal driver 50mb and base driver 500mb downloads with manual specify my processor and gpu but its just the same pack for everything. Can you make me advice how can i make my system stable at least once?


      My install order:

      -Go to safe mode and clean old drivers with DDU or AMDulitilty

      -reboot and instal driver


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          Remembered few things more.

          Maya randomly freezes and CPU load is 0% Can only close it from process explorer. Sometimes its freeze after being on background and never wake up. Also i have bug when i close my laptop and open it again its looks like gpu cant wake up, and photoshop and maya cant use it, also there are few times when driver setup says me that i dont have installed gpu.

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            1.When you switch to borderless window (or any windowed mode) you lose dual graphics and performance accordingly

            2.it's looks like it's time to reinstall your OS.Too many issues. It can't be repaired by simple driver update.

            It is not only broken driver - your whole system is broken.

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                Well, I now how its looks like, but you are wrong, there the only month for this OS and I have the same distributor on another laptop with Nvidia and intel, and its stable there.


                So what I think, for now, I lost 10-15% of performance in gaming and rendering, will check this later, but looks loke I get driver stable. There are 3 things that I did.

                1) I check windows update journal again and it's not downloading but asking for an update on GPU, I think AMD should check this with Microsoft, because there are a really lot of threads in which people complain that windows downgrade, reinstall or broke last AMD drivers. Even that I have disabled driver update I go forward and disable hole WidowsUpdate service, google how to do that.

                2) I think maybe from start or maybe after cleaning AMD stuff with one of those two ulititys, but my its looks like I was missing SMBus device and driver for it. It is in another packet with SATA and AHCI drivers, I have installed it once, but didn't remember how it go´s. So before my last stable reinstall, i instal that SMbus device AND SMBus driver for it with this package from AMD site.

                3) I download last HP driver April,2016, then I instal 16.11 and then I instal 16.12 ReLive AMD driver. So it not a clean instal but over my vendor drivers.


                I don't now what gives a trick but at least my last day was without ANY of those bugs, except MAYA, didn't check it. So if someone can´t make it work after a clean instal you should definitely check those 3 things too. I will test it a few days more, and if it will be good, will mark this thread like resolved. For my opinion, Windows Update and SMBus was the source.

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                My Maya still have lags in viewport, and i dont have CCC in tray, only in right-click menu. All other bugs are gone for now, i mark this thread as resolved.