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r9 280x and broken idle clocks

Question asked by oombar on Dec 15, 2016

Since the release of 16.7.3 idle clocks are broken on my R9 280x. Default clocks shoul be 300mhz/150mhz, but sometimes after watching video or after returning from standby mode the idle clocks get stucj at 501mhz/1500mhz. The temps are also around 10c higher. I know that I am not the only one with this bug. Owners of GCN1 are affected with it. The bug has been here for 5 month and nobody bothered to fix it. And yes this is bug! I don't have dual display to blame it. I have not updated graphics driver in order to not break my GPU. I need new drivers to properly play newly released games.


I have one question: if I update my graphics driver and just ignore the issue about idle clocks, will my gpu be damaged because of constantly being idling in 3d mode? I can't get new gpu at this moment that's why I don't want to be left without one.