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RX 480 artifacts when temps rach 50'sC Computer will reboot.  Fans will turn off and not turn back on.  Mouse cursor will turn into a block

Question asked by jfulton on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2016 by jp9535

I just installed an AMD RX 480 graphics card.  When I use 16.12.1 drivers, the mouse cursor will turn into a box that is barely visible or black after the computer is on for an hour or two.  When I switch back to 16.9.2 drivers the cursor is fine.  When installing drivers I do use the AMD driver cleaning utility.  With 16.9.2 the fans rarely start, and sometimes will spin to 100% for a minute or two then turn off and not turn on again.  When temperatures reach the 50'sC the screen will turn into artifacts and the computer will turn off soon after.