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    Debate: Favorite RTS

      It's been 2 weeks since we introduced our weekly debates on gaming.


      So far, we've gone over FPS and RPG games. With some intriguing outlook, we've dug not only into what you love, but we've also hit on what makes gaming special to each and every one of us.


      From the "first of" games, to just plain favorites, I feel like we're getting to know each other better.


      So we will continue this week with our FAVORITE RTS titles. Real Time Strategy games are a beast all their own. They make us rage in multiplayer, but can capture our hearts with beautiful story telling. We can zerg, build, or just gather resources in the path to destroying our enemies. No matter how you play an RTS, the love for them is real.


      I was introduced to the RTS genre with Warcraft 1, and throughout the years, I've played more of them than I can count. Some were amazing, and some were absolutely terrible. I saw my skills in RTS's evolve through the years with games like Red Alert, StarCraft, and Halo Wars. But, there has only been one RTS that truly changed my view on the genre as more than just a pick up game.


      Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal was, and still is, the only RTS that I could non stop and never tire. From the story to the game play to the multiplayer, WCII just executed everything perfectly to me.


      I actually had this conversation on my stream last night, and go on for an hour about my love for WCII (I did last night, so I'll spare you).


      So with that, I want to hear from you. What is your favorite RTS of all time?

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          I knew it! This week debate was Best RTS ever!

          My first RTS was the original Command and Conquer. But the one that I enjoyed the most is Starcraft BroodWar, still play it weekly. I played all Command and Conquer games even the FPS and the new Stacraft 2 with expansions. I played SC2 WOL during the nights on one vacation, HOTS on the next and LOTV on my last vacation. Im really bad on RTS, but its fun to play them.

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            My favorite RTS is definitely Age of Empires 2.


            Best LAN party game ever (may have used no-cd mod to play it with all my friends at once and make 4 and more player games, that was epic)


            Also Rise of Nations.is up there pretty high as well for me, though very similar to AoE 2.

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              The one I had most fun is Starcraft 1. I like too many RTS though.

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                Four games come to mind very quickly (in order of favorite) ;

                1) Command and Conquer Generals (+ Zero Hour), the hours I spend playing this game, loved it. I found it exceptionally well balanced.

                2) Age of Empires (I or II(HD)), I play the II HD version occasionally, that is something for a game originally released in 1999!

                3) Company of Heroes series, I'm really terrible at it. I'm slow, never hold my lines and the enemy has tanks rolling around before I even build the factory. But I absolutely love the use of the cover mechanics and the changes a player can make to the battlefield to use it to his advantage.

                4) Empire Earth. It had 14 epochs! It was made by the same lead designer as AoE. While I can't remember much about EE2 or 3 (I don't even know for sure if I tried them, I think I did try 2 and hated it). I remember a LAN party with friends, we played 3v3 for 6 hours, all ending up in the latest age and at that point we were all build in so heavily in our defenses, no one could break through anymore. After a general consensus we took a 15 minutes break, when we returned the game crashed, classic Empire Earth.

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                  Well, I can not say I have a favorite rts, though I had my fare share of them. Starting with Command and Conquer, Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Rome Total War, and I really enjoyed Myth The fallen Lords and Myth II.

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                    I'm not much of a RTS player, but I always loved the first Supreme Commander.

                    As far as story/cutscenes go, Blizzard sure knows how to keep things interesting.

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                      Fav RTS is Dawn of War 2. I know it's not a classical RTS, but it blends my love for Games Workshop and RTS together so well!


                      Other close favs are Kill Krush N Destroy (awesome units, awesome mechanics) and Total Annihilation.

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                        I don't think there is a RTS I haven't played over the years... Nothing brings more fond memories than original Dune. But for competitive play with friends, Supreme Commander 1 and 2 are my favs.

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                          Tiberian Sun and Age of Mythology are my favourites. I wish I could go back in time to play the other RTS games like Empire Earth and Rise of Nations. Better still, a game studio should make new RTS games so we can stop obsessing over the 1990s. I don't care much for the new Halo Wars, it's all about multiplayer and it probably has no story line.

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                            Homeworld. All three (1, Cataclysm and 2).


                            Why? Persistent fleet, full 3D movement and some of the best storytelling - not just in RTS - but in gaming.


                            While I like HW for its uniqueness, the Command and Conquer series is the most fun I've had playing the genre with friends. Particularly RA2 and Generals (yes, it isn't a part of the main series, but still great). What makes them great is that they're relatively easy to jump into compared to something like Starcraft.

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                              I dont know if it was the first real 3D RTS, but Homeworld was a very good game.

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                                Warcraft II - I remember trying to get multiplayer working over dial-up with my brother. Warcraft III followed and we still play it today at LAN parties. Oh, and it just happened to spawn the most successful MMORPG game in history

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                                  Not that it is my 'favorite' but it was a very entertaining RTS. It was called Impossible Creatures.  You were a scientist on an island and you created combinations of creatures to fight for you. Like you might put a chimp's head on an eagle's body, or a Hammerhead shark head on a bear body.  I played it with my kids when they were younger and it was pretty neat. Kinda comical.  Impossible Creatures Steam Edition on Steam