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    I cannot get my video card to work. I keep having problems with it and I don't know why, can you help?


      My system:

      1. AMD Radeon 8570m

      2. Laptop Lenovo G500

      3. OS: Windows 7 x64

      4. Driver Edition: I don't even know. It is a driver I got from the lenove website and it appears in my downloads as AVGA110W7

      5. For some reason my motherboard (in Speccy) says Lenovo Invalid

      6. CPU:

      Intel Core i7 3632QM @ 2.20GHz61 °C

      Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology


      Description of problem: I recently reinstalled my windows and for like the first time in ages I cannot get the video card to work. I tried everything. I first downloaded the driver from lenovo support (AVGA110W7) and then after reading a little online I have found some links directing me to the AMD website (which is a lot more weird than I was remembering it) When looking for the driver for my video card the Crimson something something was suggested. I downloaded that ... it didn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my pc over and over again but no success. I still have that yellow exclamation mark on my video card in device manager plus the intel standard VGA. I managed to get rid of that yellow explanation mark by uninstalling the intel VGA. The video card was not working but at least the yellow exclamation mark was not there anymore. Another thing that is worth to be mentioned is the fact that when I use the wmic baseboard get product in cmd I get a message saying that is invalid. Therefore, I guess the videocard or the motherboard may have some issues. However, I couldn't find a good manual online for my laptop to show me where to look for the video card (laugh as much as you want but I don't know how to identify my video card when I am opening the laptop ... I know where the HDD is, I know where the wireless, RAM and how to clean the fan, how to change the keyboard and the optic unit ... no idea where the fecking video card is ). If you need any more details feel free to ask.


      Thank you!