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Why does my FX 8370E's turbo not kick in?

Question asked by cong36c on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by cooper151288

Hello again, wonderful people of the AMD help forums and stuff.

I have just received my new FX-8370E from AMD, because I filed an RMA for my FX-8320E. The specs of the new processor are 3.3 base clock and 4.3 turbo. On my old one (the 8320E), the turbo would kick in automatically, even if in the Task Manager it said that the max speed was 3.2. Now, when I run MSI's CPU burner (on the 8370E), even if the current speed is at 3.6 ghz (because the turbo seems to allow random background tasks get the boosted clock speed), it falls back down to 3.3 when performing the stress tests. In AMD's OverDrive utility, I have enabled full performance for the processor, and it still does not go above 3.3 ghz when benchmarking or performing stress tests.

Any ideas on how to let it use the full potential?

Thanks in advance!!