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Cannot downclock memory after changing to Wattman with 16.12.1

Question asked by onur851 on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by vintelligence

Hello AMD Community,


I use an ASUS R7260X Direct C.U II OC Edition graphics card. I was having weird checkers-like artifacts which happened randomly between 1-5 hours gameplay time. After searching for a solution for a long time, I tried downclocking the memory from 1750 Mhz to 1445 Mhz and it worked. But now with the Radeon Wattman that came to R7260 with 16.12.1 driver update, I can no longer downclock the memory. I can only use the slider from 1750 to 1800 Mhz. I switched back to 16.11.5. Also, the 16.12.1 update caused more problems than just checker-like artifacts. I am open for any kind of help.


Thank you.