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I'm curious about AMD Relive

Question asked by zipzeolocke on Dec 14, 2016

I don't know how else to contact AMD staff when it comes to sharing ideas, giving advice, asking about adding features to the new AMD relive software.

I use video capture software Bandicam because they have this wonderful feature that allows me to press a hotkey that pauses recording. This is a valuable feature.

Incredibly useful for those moments when you get a phone call or some other kind of interruption during your recording session. Not to mention it also saves you so much time when it comes to editing your videos because there are not as many mistakes to edit out. The ability to pause during recordings is a must have feature.

I also use the software OBS because it is a godsend for me because of its audio features. In its settings it allows me to add noise filters on my microphone.

I live in an unfortunate environment with lots of background noise and OBS does a wonderful job with its noise filters which makes my audio sounds so much better compared to what I get with Bandicam. But unfortunately OBS doesn't have the pausing during recording hotkey like bandicam. These features are so important to me that if they become included in the relive software I will definitely purchase an AMD graphics card and start using the Relive software. That is how important this is for me.


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