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    Can no longer do 15360x2160(4x1) eyefinity, defaults to 7680x4320(2x2).


      So before ReLive I was able to just set up my 4 displays with VSR in windows, go to advanced set up, and just hit use my current arrangement, and it would make a 4x1 4k resolution screen space, or 15360x2160, but now when I try that it changes it to a 2x2 set up with a 7680x4320 resolution trying to manually configure the resolution in advanced settings defaults to the 4x1 1080p set up



      If you're wondering why I need such a thing, it's simply for fun screenshots


      Such as this 4x1 4k WoW screenshot, slightly downscaled though



      Anyone got any ideas? It's also my understanding that I can do up to 6 displays with an RX 480 if I use 2 display port hubs right?