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    ReLive 16.12.1 Not working correctly after turing PC off or putting it to sleep


      So I have now reinstalled 16.12.1 a total of 3 times and everytime it works perfectly but then when I turn it off or put it to sleep and come back to it my framerate is awful. For example, in the first scene of Heaven Benchmark I normally get 44 - 45 fps but now it will be 10 -11. Also, in Overwatch I have my fps limited to 146 fps and it stays they constantly but with this I'm lucky to get 30 fps.

      Is this a bug or is there anyway to fix it?


      PC Specs:

      i5 6600k

      Msi R9 390

      Asus Pro Gamer Z170 Motherboard

      16 GB DDR4 RAM

      Windows 10