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    Windows 10 won't boot with newer drivers


      Good day.

      I have problem with newer driver versions on my Radeon R9 270 (SAPPHIRE R9 270 DUAL-X OC BOOST 2GB).

      After installing drivers from version 16.9.1, even the currently newest Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.1, my Windows 10 (64-bit) won't boot. After the first Windows loading screen (with logo), I get another loading but only black screen with the rolling dots. Even after several hours Windows did not booted (almost all night long).

      This occur with all the drivers I tried, 16.9.1, 16.9.2, 16.10.3, 16.11.x and 16.12.1:

      - When the drivers are installed manually or via auto-update without uninstalling old drivers, the Windows screen turns black during installation process and only the mouse cursor can be seen. After restart the Windows will not boot.

      - When uninstalling old drivers and installing new, the installation process end up without problem. But also after restart the Windows will not boot.

      Only way to start Windows again is by uninstalling drivers in safe mode, manually or via AMD Clean Uninstall Utility.


      I have no problems with the driver 16.7.3


      Any idea how what can be wrong? What do I need to do to update drivers without having this problem?


      MB: Intel DH67CL

      CPU: Intel i5-3570

      RAM: 2x 8GB DDR3 1333MHz


      OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)

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          Use DDU first to clean the registry of previously installed drivers and not regular uninstall, then do a install of the newest drivers, hope, I know you used AMD clean uninstall utility, but perhaps DDU will work better.

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              I did try today with DDU and the same.

              After installing the new driver 16.12.1 Windows did not booted. And the old 16.7.3 works, "luckily".


              And to have it even more complicated... Windows 10 Update just decided that he needs to update the AMD Radeon driver... sooo probably I will not be able to do other Win 10 updates, because this one will stuck there


              This is really frustrating. I don't want to reinstall Windows... if this can't be fixed more likely I will get a NVIDIA card from friend :/

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              It works now!

              Before I did only focused on AMD Radeon driver issue, but today I tried to look if it is not a general issue with drivers and Windows 10... and did find out that many, really many people do have almost the same issue with NVIDIA cards. So I've read few things about it on the NVIDIA forums.

              Some did write there that switching to other port helped, like from HDMI to Displey port, others did write that some other program can cause issues, like Deamon Tool. Switching from DVI to HDMI did not helped me (my monitor have only DVI+VGA, I connected via HDMI->DVI cable).


              Things I did:

              1) In safe mode used DDU to uninstall AMD drivers, also with the option "remove AMD folder"

              2) booted Win

              3) Uninstalled Plays.tv and Raptr

              4) Uninstalled OSBASE iDisplay, a tool that should extend Windows desktop using USB or LAN (did not work like I wanted, but I did forgot that I have it still installed)

              5) Uninstalled Spybot - Search & Destroy (not really sure if was necessary to do, but I did have some issues with him stuck by scanning, so I did also get rid of him)

              6) Uninstalled Deamon Tool light. Here was little problem because the version I did have was not compatible with Win10 and it could not be uninstalled via Programs and Features. Even a newer version could not be installed, or the installer could not uninstall it. I did then used Revo Uninstaller Free.

              7) After all this done, I restarted

              8) Did registry clean up using CCleaner

              9) Installed the 16.12.1. Installation did finished successfully and restarted.

              10) It worked, Windows did boot without problem (for now and hope for good)    note: still connected via HDMI->DVI cable


              Not really sure which of the programs really caused the issue, but if someone will get similar problem by updating drivers then try to look for programs that have something to do with display, or where installed with older drivers, or are not 100% compatible with Win 10 and uninstall them.

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