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Hello! I having some difficulties with the latest Crimson Relive driver.

Question asked by robertom on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by kingfish

This driver didn't like my Lenovo Z50-75 laptop running Windows 10 64 bit with 8 GB RAM, APU AMD FX7500 and R7 M260DX graphics card because during the play of The Witcher 3 v. 1.31.  the background started to vibrate a littlebit but it is frustrating enough to don't look over it. So I uninstalled the Relive and reinstalled the Crimson 16.9.2. and the problem still the same. It never happened before the game was running smoothly. I don't understand what could happened during the installation of the Relive and why the problem stays. Until now I had that information that this Relive driver not compatible with APUs but the AMD's website recommended it even for the R7 M200 series of graphics cards.  Anyone can help me with this issue? Thank you indeed.