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Frame drop and Stutter (R9 380) Fix?

Question asked by bubbubler123 on Dec 13, 2016

I have just completed my build after a much needed upgrade. Everything except the graphics card, HDD, and case are used from the previous build. The build consists of some pretty decent hardware, specs will be listed down below. After a fresh install of windows OS and installing the drivers for the AMD graphics card, everything seemed to play well. Than after about a day or so the performance began to lag behind. No new software was installed between then other than a few games. I would suspect the installation of the games to have no effect on the performance. So I am left to believe it has more to do with the drivers and poor optimization of the card.  I was seeing a constant 75 FPS in every game tested on the preferred settings. However than a began to see stutters and really noticeable frame drops which lead to very unpleasant game play. If there is a fix to this issue, i would be very happy to hear about it so that I can get back to playing games on constant frame rate. Otherwise I might just have to rid of the graphics card and go team green for there well optimized game performance and stable game play. Thank you!



Intel i7 6700k

MSI M7 Gaming motherboard

8GB 3000Mhz DDR4


2x 500GB Samsung HDD

HEX 850W Gold Power Supply
H100i V2
NZXT s340