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ReLive Update 16.12.1 not working with Dual Monitors - 150MHZ Ram problem - Low FPS

Question asked by sirrudi on Dec 12, 2016

Hi, so I was playing Skyrim Special Edition and then had the unhappy idea to check if there were any driver updates available, so I can play with updated drivers is always better right? No.
And so I updated to this version and screwed everything up, wasted 2 hours I could've been doing other stuff over your problems not mine.


Basically after updating and running Skyrim, the game crashed, I checked my MSI Afterburner nothing was working, so went online for a fix, updated MSI Afterburner to 4.3 and got it to work again, checked RAM and it was stuck at 150MHZ. Tried to changed and it wasn't working, only worked when I changed it to the cap (1750MHZ), started the game and it crashed again. Eventually got the game to run leaving the MHZ at the default (150MHZ....) and the game was running at 10 fps LOL.


Went online again for a fix, found out that if you turn of your other displays it works. Did that, went into the game, game ran fine with fps back on normal (60fps). Ok great, let's turn 2nd display on again, works but I start getting image displacements or ripples whatever you call them, (green ripples) Not sure how to explain myself. (Got a video of it on my phone can upload if you guys really want it..)


So yea I'm not playing without my 2nd display. Reverting back and staying there, and not updating anything in my life until I get actual errors with new games.